Summer Shred Competition

GET FIT + WIN £500!

2021 is here, and the Summer is incoming! Lockdown is due to end on June 21st (In the UK) - So what better reason for you to get into the best shape of your life?

We at Muscleboard are giving away 3 prizes to the best body transformations using our Muscle Board.

1st - £500 Cash

2nd - £250 Cash

3rd - £100 Cash

Not only are you going to be fitter and healthier, you will have some extra cash to spend on whatever you like! 

How To Enter:

1. Purchase our Muscleboard directly from us (https://muscleboard.co.uk/products/the-muscle-board

2. Once your board arrives, Email us with:

- Your Name

- Address

- Order Number

- A photo of you with your muscle board 

To - competition@muscleboard.co.uk. 

3. Using the free workout plan with your board + healthy eating. Get to work!

4. On June 20th, send us another photo with: 

- Your Name

- Address

- Order Number

- New updated photo of yourself and your board.

To - competition@muscleboard.co.uk


There is NO deadline to get your submission in, but obviously the earlier the better, as you will have more time to get into the best shape of your life! 

Competition opens 23rd Feb 2021!

Competition closes the first day of UK summer - June 21st!

So, your time has come! There is not a better time to prove to yourself that you CAN do this! Good luck on your Journey. We look forward to seeing all of your transformations!